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Beyond EDP project has a mission to develop a common concept of a so-called entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP), which is based on the experiences from the partner region within the project. The aim of the project is to provide decision-makers with tools to form and manage the EDP process and also stimulate the coaching of entrepreneurs. 

In order for the all the regions of Europe to get access to European funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the regions are required to develop a smart specialisation strategy (RIS3). The aim of the smart specialisation strategy is to identify the regional strength areas with the opportunity for growth and development.  Östergötland’s smart specialisation strategy has been implemented since 2014.

The success of the smart specialisation strategies (RIS3) depends on the capacity of the regional innovation system to implement these strategies. A common challenge is the lack of resources, experience and competence, which means that the strategies’ potential to contribute to innovation and growth is not fully used. Furthermore, in many European regions, the RIS3 are communicated insufficiently with regard to innovation support stakeholders.

-The project Beyond EDP aims to target the challenges in terms of designing and implementing innovation policies and innovation strategies, which may negatively influence the effectiveness of structural funds. Theoretically RIS3 are expected to provide a relevant solution to this question, but the quality of RIS3 is entirely dependent on the decision-makers and other stakeholders’ understanding and implementation of the so-called entrepreneurial discovery process. 

The project aims to

Provide decision-makers with tools to improve the design of the EDP, develop new methods to manage and assess the EDP and also to provide recommendations for improving smart specialisation processes. The project also aims to provide coaching for entrepreneurs and regional stakeholders that can help them improve their participation in the EDP.

The project brings together 11 partners in a partnership that will be in effect for a term of five years.

Project Name: Beyond EDP - Improve RIS3’s effectiveness through the management of the entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP)
Project Period: May 2016 to March 2021


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